Anemometer uSonic-1 Flow

1D sensor for directional flow.

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1D Sensor for directional flow,

Wind component x and acoustic temperature T,

Robust stainless steel construction (V4A),

Combination of 3 independent sensor paths,

Optional sensor head heating.

  Range resolution
Wind speed measurement 0-40 m/s 0.025 m/s
Yaw error measurement  
Inflow inclination angle measurement  
Air temperature measurement   1K
Measurement duration
(complete measurement cycle)
  0.010 s
Sampling frequency
(serial line output)
  0.10 Hz – 10 Hz
Internal sample rate F

10 - 20 Hz; 10Hz default

No of samples for averaging Nave 1000 - 3000  
Averaging time T = Nave / F 1s - 150s  


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Anemometer uSonic-1 Flow