AMES Environmental Measurement Systems


Contractual or preventive maintenance:

  • portals for radioactivty measurements on border crossings;

  • meteorological systems on airports;

  • systems for environment pollution measurements - v za meritev onesnaženja okolja - municipalities, power plants, heavy industries; 

  • national meteorological networks;

  • systems for early radiological threat notification;

  • custom made systems;

Renting equipment for temporary measurements

Equipment for quality and standarized measurements can be rented in Ames for a longer periode of time. A rental is appropriate solution when certain parameters need to be verified, but continuous monitoring is not needed.

Examples when rented equipment is the most appropriate and optimal solution:

  • wind measurements on future motorway routes;

  • wind measurements on possible future locations of wind power plants;

  • measurements of meteorological parameters in mines;

  • measurements on locations where an opinion is needed about meteorological parameters influence on environment;

  • measurements of global solar radiation on possible future locations of solar power plant or solar heating system;

  • leaf humidity measurements in time of crop harvest;

  • every other example where is no need for constant instalation of sensor.

Contact AMES support and we will prepare a favourable offer based on Your requirements.


Measurement of alfa radiation level from Radon gas

AMES performs individual measurements of alfa radiation from Radon gas. Measurements are most appropriate for poorly ventialted places as basements, storages, caves, etc.


Production of custom made measurement equipment

A team of experienced specialists in measurement technology will produce equipment basing on Your demands even if it is not yet on the market. Please contact us and together we will find solution for Your problems.