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Enviromental measuring systems


Tuesday, 10/12/21

We have successfully completed project of radiation portal monitors installation

Friday, 09/11/20

After a winning a public tender, we have successfully supplied and installed the SaphyGate G portal monitor system for the company Simbio d.o.o., which is working on a field of waste management, to monitor the radioactivity of cargo coming to the landfi


In addition to portal monitors, we also supplied a hand-held radioactive radiation detector and conducted training in the field of ionizing radiation and the use of the system itself.

AMES team sets up an air quality measurement system

Thursday, 07/02/20

On a beautiful spring day, in a beautiful awakening nature, AMES team has set up an air quality measurement system which will measure parameters such as NOx, NO2, SO2, PM10 and PM2.5. The system will be used to monitor the ambient air quality and inform the user of any deviatio

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