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AMS 159 - A New Portable Meteorological Station from AMES


AMES has recently developed a new portable meteorological station, AMS 159, that combines features of the handheld meteorological station RVM 96C with those of the AMS 156 stationary station. AMS 159 has graphic LC display, with the possibility of presenting data in either graphical or numerical form. When connected through the Ethernet or serial port, AMS 159 responds to the same commands and transmits same data formats as AMS 156 stationary stations. It is intended for use on locations, where there is a need for the rapid  availability of the  professionally measured meteorological data. Electronic compass, incorporated in the sensor assembly, removes the need for the orientation of sensors during the AMS 159 setup. Institute for Public Health in Pula (Croatia) was the first customer to acquire AMS 159 (in January  2009).