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MDS Corrective Maintenance Workshop in Trenčin, Slovakia


At the end of March 2017, a representative from AMES was invited to attend a Corrective Maintenance Workshop for MDS (Mobile detection system) vans, which are in use by the slovenian Police force and border control. These MDS vans contain gamma and neutron sensors and are used to intercept radioactive materials on border crossings, as they are brought into Slovenia.

The workshop was organised by the Nuclear Smuggling Detection and Deterrence (NSDD) agency of the United States Department of Energy (DoE). The topics covered by the workshop were: Routine and corrective maintenance and reporting of MDS performance. Two representatives from slovenias Police force were present as well, as were representatives of MDS service providers and operators from four other countries.

Teams from all countries successfuly completed all challenges, the Slovenian team received a special commendation for fast, accurate and meticulous work.