Rain-O-Matic "Meteorological" rain gauge

Professional grade rain gauge made by the Pronamic company in Denmark.

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The Rain-O-Matic "Meteorological" rain gauge is intended for professional users who require utmost accuracy and reliability. The gauge is compliant with WMO (world meteorological organisation) standards, which makes it suitable for the most demanding and crucial sites, such as in:

  • Agriculture
  • Meteorological stations
  • Research institutes
  • Industrial sites

The measuring mechanism utilizes a tipping bucket and a reed switch, which provides very accurate measurements, as well as good linearity and reliablity. The gauge is constructed from hard UV resistant plastic and is resistant to moisture ingress and marine salt.

The orifice is 200cm2 in size, the accuracy can be specified up to a maximum of 0,1mm precipitation. (Other options are: 0,2mm, 0,25mm or 0,5mm) The gauge can also be specified with a variety of connectors and mounting mechanisms. In addition it can be customized with a logo.

  Metric version US version

0,10 mm




1/100 inch
Orifice: 200cm2 31 sq. inch
Splash depth: 290mm 11,4 inch
Mass: 1300g 45,9 oz


Rain-O-Matic "Meteorological" Brochure Rain-O-Matic "Meteorological" Brochure Datasheet_Meteorological_2014.pdf 

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Rain-O-Matic "Meteorological" rain gauge
Rain-O-Matic "Meteorological"